Reconcile time zone differences

Finding the right time to chat shouldn't be so difficult

Free to use with Slack

A tool for remote teams

Getting started

When To Chat is a scheduling tool for finding a time to chat. Inspired by, When To Chat now integrates with Slack. Add When To Chat to your workplace and get started:

Directly in Slack

Call When To Chat directly in Slack.

/whentochat @mulder @scully "Walter in DC"

Quick summary

We'll send you something that looks like this:

More details

We'll also link you to a page that'll help you visualize what's going on.

Introducing Polls


Start a poll

Let teammates join as they like. Ideal for planning big team meetings.

/whentochat poll

See the overlap

Like a normal /whentochat command, we'll link you to a page that'll help you visualize what's going on.

Integrated with Slack

We look at each person's timezone and do not disturb settings to find the optimal time window.

For friends and for teams

Tiers & Pricing

emoji_people Friends group Teams
Users Per Request 2 people
Unlimited for first 25 days
Requests (per month) 50 req./mo. Unlimited
Link Lifetime (expiration) 24-hours Unlimited
Free Add to Slack
$15 USD/mo Upgrade

Open source teams can have Teams-tier access for free, forever.
Just send us an email once you've installed the app.

Documentation and Usage

  • /whentochat @jack @hugo
  • /whentochat @jack "Hugo in Los Angeles"
Non-Slack Users

Non-Slack users will need to be in quotations. Here's the format:

  • "NAME in LOCATION between TIME"
  • "NAME in LOCATION from TIME"

Non-Slack User Examples
  • /whentochat "Kate in Hawaii" ...
  • /whentochat "Kate in Hawaii between 9a - 2p" ...
  • /whentochat "Kate in Hawaii between 9am to 2pm" ...
  • /whentochat "Kate in Hawaii between 9am - 2pm" ...
  • /whentochat "Kate in Hawaii between 10 - 18" ...
  • /whentochat "Kate in Hawaii from 9a - 2p" ...
  • /whentochat "Kate in Hawaii from 9:00am - 2:00pm" ...
  • /whentochat poll

Drop us a line

Let us know what you think and what we could do better.